Abigail Eernisse - Enneagram 1 - Human Trafficking and Adoption


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Meet Abigail Eernisse!

Abigail, an enneagram 1, was introduced to the enneagram at a prayer meeting, which is pretty darn cool. She grew up between East Africa and the Chicago area, and joins Suzanne to share some of her story and her journey.

Suzanne and Abigail set the table for a future conversation going deeper into her work around anti-racism and anti-trafficking, and Abigail shared some resources for us to prepare for it!

Leaving the Life: Embracing Freedom from Exploitation by Becca C. Johnson Ph.D. and Jessa Dillow Crisp

Fallen by Annie Lobert

Living Inside The Rainbow by Brook Parker Bello

Very Young Girls (Amazon Prime)

The White Umbrella: Walking with Survivors of Sex Trafficking by Mary Frances Bowley


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