Hunter Mobley - 40 Days On Being a 2


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When this episode opens, you hear Hunter and Suzanne talking about how beautiful this book is. Let's be clear. This is a BEAUTIFUL looking book, and what is on the inside is BEAUTIFUL, and it is written by a BEAUTIFUL human being.

Hunter Mobley joins Suzanne to talk about his book, 40 Days on Being a 2, the first of 9 books released in a series by Intervarsity Press, Enneagram Daily Reflections.

Hunter shares how he came to be involved in the project, his process in writing the book (spoiler alert!! TWOS talking about journaling!!), and he and Suzanne discuss a few of the days prompts, as well as Hunter's favorite.

Over the next year, Suzanne the series editor, will have each of the author's on the show to discuss!


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