1951: Learning to Say no Is Your Biggest Thing with Dr Larry Davis Co-Founder and Co-Owner of X Chain Z inc


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Dr. Larry Davis is a Co-Founder of XChainZ.io. He holds a bachelor's degree from Florida A&M University and a master's degree and Ph.D. from the University of Central Florida, all in Electrical Engineering. His areas of expertise include artificial intelligence, software engineering, cloud configuration, and virtual and augmented reality.

“learn to say no. Distraction is your biggest enemy. And the problem isn’t that there isn’t a path to your goal. There is a path that’s there. Sometimes you have got to find that path. There is always a path. The problem is that there is so many other interesting distracting other parts. So, learning to say no is your biggest thing. Say no. No, no, no, no.”…[Listen for More]

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