1956: There Is Always an Opportunity to Make Money with Sean Hopwood Founder and Owner of Day Translations Inc


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Sean Hopwood is the CEO of Day Translations, a thriving translation and localization company operating in over 100+ languages worldwide. He built it from scratch by going door to door asking people if they required translations, and today he has a fully remote team from all over the world & is helping individuals and companies expand their operations abroad. He has worked with Fox News, TED, Bayer, Facebook, HBO, AT&T, and more.

“do something you love and have compassion. Always be willing to adapt and adjust. Be willing to admit that you are wrong. But bring on a team of people who complement you. If you are very disorganised person, bring on more organised people. If you are a very quiet person, bring on some very verbose and loquacious people who are willing to speak to customers. If you are a very financial oriented person, bring on a more creative person. Bring on people who complement you because obviously as an entrepreneur you probably don’t have skills in every single thing. So bring on people who are better than you at things you are not good at”…[Listen for More]

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