1961: Banking Business Success with Jeff Wilkinson Founder and Owner of Keystone Bank


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Jeff Wilkinson is a longtime Austin entrepreneur, currently serving as the chairman and CEO of Keystone Bank. With his personal and unique human-centric approach to banking, Jeff leads Keystone Bank to focus on integrity, honesty and resilience. Jeff has over 28 years of experience in the financial and business industries with a focus on finance and business development. He has led various organizations in their expansion of locations and increased their assets.

“Just kill it. Get out there and kill it. What are you waiting for…? You got to take every call and you got to answer call and you got to take every meeting. And I would say the modern-day entrepreneur/CEO founder you need to be accessible. People need to know that it’s okay to reach out to you. And you need to be accessible to everybody. I just think that’s so critical going forward. The old days of the veil of secrecy behind the leader and the inaccessibility being a key trait that people feel privileged to get the time with you I just think that’s bullshit”…[Listen for More]

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