1970: Having a Willingness to be Resourceful with Laura Treonze Founder and Owner of LMT Consulting


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Laura Treonze is an executive coach who specializes in behavioral understanding to enhance company culture, maximize executive talent and boost employee engagement. She combines psychology with experiential coaching methods to help individuals and teams break through limiting beliefs to increase productivity and profit. Laura has the equivalency of a Master Certified Coach having worked as a coach for Tony Robbins and in her own consultancy practice.

“don’t listen to the naysayers. I think that entrepreneurs are a rare breed and being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. And so often times we go to family and friends for advice and it’s important to keep in mind that they are giving advice based on who they are and not who you are. And so have confidence in who you are and if you stay resourceful you will be able to get through the challenges of being an entrepreneur. But be careful who you go to for advice. And even for me I will go to people who will build me up if I am having a bad week or if I’ve got something big, I have to do…[Listen for More]

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