Dan Raven-Ellison - guerilla geographer


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Dan Raven-Ellison has come up with some pretty inventive ways of getting people to see what’s already remarkable about their environment and to see the potential to make it way better.

We’re not just talking about the environment as a place that’s out there somewhere. He’s often talking about where most of us live – the city.

One example of his ability to shift thinking is that he’s managed to have his city, London, designated as a ‘National Park City’.

In this interview he explains the origins of the National Park City and the thinking behind it. Plus some of his other interesting projects - like 'The UK in 100 seconds' - a stunning aerial video showing Dan walking across the United Kingdom's landscape in quick time.

You can find more about the man who calls himself a 'guerilla geographer' via the profile of Dan Raven-Ellison on our website.

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