Distracted By The Juice


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Welcome back! We are tired from work, exhausted from the rain, sleepy from... uh lack of sleep but here we are anyway with a new batch of news and reviews for all of yous. This week! - Marvel - Daredevil: Man Without Fear 08:49 - Image - The Wicked & The Divine #41 13:00 (Maria Ludwig's Review!) - DC - Batman #61 & #62: The Nightmares 18:47 - Southern Bastards Might Be Coming Back? 26:07 - Marvel - Conan The Barbarian #2 26:59 - Dragonball #1 In The Box Office 32:04 - Bloodshot photos released 35:07 - Spider-Man Far From Home trailer 36:49 - Kelsey Grammer comes to Arrow 39:12 - Ghostbusters 3 announced 40:50 - Another DUNE reboot 42:07 - Vision & Scarlet Witch TV Series 45:04 - Jessica catches up on The Runaways & The Gifted 46:50 - Escapist Comics Podcast LIVE! Jan 31 48:40 In a giving mood? Help the Escapist Comics Podcast by donating to our Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/escapistcomics)! Produced by Will Scovill & The Escapist Comic Bookstore Find more episodes of the Escapist Comics Podcast at escapistpodcast.com (http://www.escapistpodcast.com) Visit the store at 3090 Claremont Ave. Berkeley, CA 94705 (https://goo.gl/maps/ciwEh84PPwJ2) 🌎 escapistcomics.com (http://www.escapistcomics.com/) ✉️ hello@escapistcomics.com (put “Podcast” in the subject line) Follow @escapistcomics Instagram: @escapistcomics (https://www.instagram.com/escapistcomics)

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