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Week of December 5, 2018 Ho Ho Ho! Glad tidings and all the rest of it. Jessica & Jesse meet in the attic to look at this week's new comics (and try out Jesse's new audio recorder!). Escapist Comics Podcast LIVE! Join us January 31, 2019 at Ghost Town Brewery (https://www.ghosttownbrewing.com/) in Oakland to celebrate Episode 200! More info soon! Reviews Image: Prodigy #1 04:27 DC: SHAZAM! #1 17:04 Marvel: Merry X-MEN #1 24:59 Self Made #1 27:04 DC: Martian Manhunter #1 30:03 News Avengers: Endgame Trailer 34:18 Captain Marvel Trailer 2 39:50 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 45:34 Jessica saw Venom 48:43 We watch Iron Fist Season 2 56:54 Infidel movie in the works 01:00:31 Jupiter's Legacy update 01:00:50 Plastic Man movie in development 01:01:41 In a giving mood? Help the Escapist Comics Podcast by donating to our Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/escapistcomics)! Produced by Will Scovill & The Escapist Comic Bookstore Find more episodes of the Escapist Comics Podcast at escapistpodcast.com (http://www.escapistpodcast.com) Visit the store at 3090 Claremont Ave. Berkeley, CA 94705 (https://goo.gl/maps/ciwEh84PPwJ2) 🌎 escapistcomics.com (http://www.escapistcomics.com/) ✉️ hello@escapistcomics.com (put “Podcast” in the subject line) Follow @escapistcomics Instagram: @escapistcomics (https://www.instagram.com/escapistcomics)

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