The Ethical Recruiter: Positively disrupting and empowering change within recruitment, business and the workplace.


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The Ethical Recruiter is about offering inspiring storytellers from the business world a platform to positively disrupt, and empower change. Change to not just the recruitment process, but within the wider business and workplace community, overall. We seek to inspire business owners who might one day be considering recruiting, as well as other recruitment companies. This is NOT a recruitment podcast. If you're a candidate wanting careers advice, you'll definitely benefit from listening to this show. You'll gain valuable insights into what you should expect from your side of the recruitment experience. We cover a range of diverse topics with our business leaders and guest speakers. Such as: The value of university for a successful career. Adequacy of provision for mental health awareness in business. The 'how' behind a successful and powerful business owner. During each episode, Paul, Dave and Patrick will meet with these passionate guest speakers from businesses and charities who will share their own incredible purpose driven journey. We’ll explore the road bumps, those inspirational light bulb moments and, very importantly, their go-to cocktail of choice. It’s time to positively disrupt the recruitment industry. If you're in business, or thinking of starting one, you can't afford to miss it. To find out more about how WE do recruitment differently, visit our website at If you know someone who’s in recruitment or is considering recruiting, make sure you share our podcast with them, using this link: If you're job seeking or exploring career options, check out our helpful info: If you want to help us to positively disrupt the recruitment space, empower change within business and the workplace, and generally help people get treated better, make sure you share our episodes.

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