#15 - The Work Starts with You with Amy Cothren


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It's been such a beautiful journey discovering all these beautiful women who share our vision, passion, and love for womanhood. Today's episode is no different because we sit down with Amy Cothren, the founder of The Mama Mindset podcast. We had such a good discussion that we lost track of time, but we're sure you'll love it! This episode is filled with nuggets of wisdom and empowerment that all women should hear! Stay tuned!
Amy is a mother of 3 beautiful girls and a wife. She left her dream job a few months after her first daughter was born to be a stay-at-home mom, and never looked back. Without a mentor or a solid community to guide or assist her on this new path, it was up to her to direct her life down the course she wanted it to go. Her passion is to shift the mama mindset, one woman at a time.
The Mama Mindset podcast was born from Amy's passion for creating a growth mindset among moms, and I feel that is the key to leading a fulfilled life. At some point, someone decided women should be talked to softly, kindly, and gently. She says we need to put a stop to all of that.
Check out Amy and her podcast at: https://www.amycothren.com/
Show notes:
[2:39] The value that we (Evolution of Mom) brings to other moms
[3:48] Confidence and mindset shift
[6:14] Amy Cothren's journey into podcasting
[12:50] How do we prioritize the relationship we have with ourselves?
[18:04] Embracing your morning routine
[21:50] Amy Cothren's weekend mindset
[25:14] Finding joy and letting your kids understand the importance of "me time" for parents
[32:32] Breaking generational conditioning
[37:00] On being a single mom and capitalizing on that opportunity for personal growth
[39:17] We all have to do the work
[42:00] "Everything is happening FOR me and not TO me"
[47:51] Our mindset shift changed our life
[50:56] Women and makeup (and sometimes the lack thereof)
[52:21] The power community
[55:04] Collaboration vs. competition
[56:12] Key takeaway
[57:14] Book recommendation for ALL women
[1:05:27] Mindset, awareness, and attention
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