#17 - Stop it! You Deserve It!


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Today's episode ties perfectly with last week's, so make sure you check out that interview we did with Jenny McKinney as well. We wanted to talk about how we all should STOP berating ourselves over an imagined body image that's not even ideal. The key takeaway is to move your mindset into a space of confidence and watch how your day changes and your mood lifts. We also talk about learning to accept compliments graciously and to keep your head up high. Choose to own your beauty and confidently take your space in this world.
Show notes:
[2:37] How many of you don't wear something because of certain limiting beliefs
[5:20] No one cares, so ROCK ON
[6:41] It's the confidence, not the outfit
[8:10] Anxiety in pool parks or swim parties
[9:35] The mindset shift
[11:32] Stop stealing your joy
[14:58] Happiness can't come from your body size
[19:11] When your image is denying you joy and take the compliment graciously
[24:00] Choose to be BIG and BOLD
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