#2 - The Story Of Us


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“What’s best for you is what’s best for others.”
We are Amy and Sherysse and we are the hosts of The Evolution of Mom podcast. We are super excited to be here and be able to share our stories on a much bigger platform. We hope to inspire other women with our journey, experiences, and lessons because while we walk different paths in life, we both felt overwhelmed and lonely --- and we know many of you do.
We hope to see you every week as we share more of us, our stories, and the things that we’ve learned throughout our journey. Please connect with us on Instagram if you need a safe space to share your own struggles, pains, successes, and so much more. You can find the link to our Instagram below, so please check it out, follow us, and reach out.
Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[1:02] How and why we started this podcast
[3:20] The story on how we connected
[7:40] Being single and loving the space
[9:02] It takes time, but it is worth it
[11:07] Living in survival mode
[13:08] On living in chronic illness
[14:48] Learning that health is more than just being sick
[16:30] We hope to inspire others through our stories
[18:58] Mom guilt is real
[20:21] Sometimes YOU have to break your own promises
[22:05] Our goal for this podcast
[25:41] Inviting you to our space where you are safe to share your stories
[26:40] Final words and a quick plug
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