#23 - Me for the We


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Continuing from last week's episode of the inner child, we talk about the ripple effect that comes with recognizing that inner voice within us. How showing up differently creates a ripple effect on the relationships and people we surround ourselves with. In today's episode, we start to focus on where it ripples out. We also talk about celebrating ourselves and our growth.
Show notes:
[0:00] Intro
[1:25] Are you more focused on yourself or others?
[4:18] The desire to fix other people
[5:25] What happens if you aren't in a healthy space
[8:13] Couples DON'T HAVE to grow together or at the same rate
[11:10] The reason why people step back from growth
[12:21] The shoe analogy
[14:13] Let your shine spark seeds in others
[15:25] Celebrate yourself
[18:54] In any WE partnership, show up as the ME first
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