#35 - Stress-Free Parenting with Kate Young and Rochelle McFarlane


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In this week's episode, I am so excited to introduce Kate and Rochelle! These two inspiring Mothers are all about stress-free parenting. Join me in this interview as we learn about modalities and approaches to mindset and parenting that we maybe never even knew we needed! Are you getting out of your comfort zone enough and diving into different areas that intrigue you? Ones that may support you as a woman, mother, and as someone who's excited to embrace new experiences when it comes to their growth? This is big on my to-do list lately and I will absolutely be diving into it more with these incredible women!
Kate Young and Rochelle McFarlane are a dynamic duo here to share all about things that support Stress-Free Parenting. Together they bring everything from Energy Medicine to Numbers to Nutrition and beyond to help you create the path of the future generation to land in more love.
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