#6 - Health: It's Way More Than Not Being Sick


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Today's topic is a prelude to upcoming episodes about health. We wanted to talk about health and what it is? Is it simply the absence of illness, or does health encompasses more than just your physical state? We wanted to paint a picture that physical health is just a piece of the puzzle, and there are MORE aspects in our life that we need to address. Being healthy is about your relationship with your environment, your community, and so much more. Our body is supposed to live in homeostasis, and so the connections between physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states are essential.
Show notes:
[1:10] What is healthy?
[3:54] Mental and physical health — the connection
[4:58] Health professionals often ask us to focus on our physical state instead of checking other spaces
[9:33] The importance of looking outside and beyond your physical space
[11:00] Our body rewards us when to connect with others and reward yourself
[12:21] Survival isn't how we're meant to live, PLUS a powerful exercise to help with your awareness
[13:57] Breaking your health into different areas to see which areas you're neglecting
[17:01] List the things that feed the different areas in your life
[17:22] You are in charge of your health
[18:41] Strive to figure out to be better --- it's a journey
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