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Continuing the expose that should wake up every citizen that would become an epiphany if eyes could remain open and the realization that the Federal Reserve is a PONZI scheme for the rich intending to keeping our people enslaved by the money that is spewed out by this private cartel of banks! An introduction to the first Bank of the United States (BUS) and then the second Bank of the United States which President Andrew Jackson successfully campaigned against winning his reelection. His hatred for the Bank was centered on the belief that the common man did not benefit from it's existence while the privileged of our society did. Finally G Edward Griffin giving us his talk on the The Curse of Jekyll Island and the name of a new private cartel known as THE FEDERAL RESERVE which prints fiat money and charges the Citizens of the United States 3% interest which turns out to be our National Debt that you and I pay for through IRS taxes. Our National Budget will never be balance when our money is backed by nothing. It so appropriate the our currency that the fed prints is referred to as fiat money by the bankers, remembering the cheap Italian automobile known as the fiat. Wonder if that's where the name eventually came from later in history?

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