#46: MAF Training and Longevity with Ben Edusei


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Ben Edusei is a close friend from New Zealand. He is a mobility, Strength & Conditioning and running coach.

We have really gotten to know each other very well over the past 18 months, when we talk 1 on 1 about a variety of topics.

Ben is also one of our coaches in our Personal Best Training Program, where he has created several follow along workout routines.

He is a father, ex-elite footballer, speaker and a strong runner, with a half marathon PB of 1:27 so far.

Ben has a degree in Sports Science, is a qualified plant-based Nutritionist and also coaches in epigenetics.

I had a blast catching up and recording our conversation. I hope you enjoy this as well.



Show notes:

  • How Ben got into running, background in football (soccer) [03:10]
  • Transition from higher intensity training and away from injury, a personal turning point [08:32]
  • Finding new training approaches [12:05]
  • Integrating mobility (strength and flexibility) training into coaching [14:30]
  • Archetypal positions, incorporating movements into daily life [19:01]
  • First experiences with MAF low heart rate training [23:21]
  • Running below MAF, taking to the trails! [29:04]
  • Elevation gain, physical benefits to hill training [35:07]
  • Frustrations in MAF training, looking at lifestyle factors [36:22]
  • Floris and Ben talk about stress management [39:22]
  • Knees over toes and backwards walking and running [44:10]
  • Add a sled! Resistance [51:29]
  • Epigenetic profile testing [53:49]
  • Protein [56:50]
  • The word “perfect” [57:40]
  • Floris on a questionnaire from Ben and optimizing energy levels [58:38]
  • Getting in touch with Ben [01:00:08]
  • High level thoughts from Ben about training [01:01:55]
  • Racing goals? [01:06:02]
  • Following Ben online [01:10:10]

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