Breaking Down the Jan 6th Coup w/ James Scaminaci III & Recluse


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Here I'm joined by former civilian military intelligence officer James Scaminaci III to breakdown the events of January 6th. Up to this point I had been reluctant to label Jan 6th a full-blown coup attempt. But Scaminaci makes a compelling case that this is very much what happened, with the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys orchestrating the assault. Over the course of this interview we cover the background of the Oath Keepers; the command & control structure used by both groups that day; their battle plan; and most importantly, explain what the objective was. From there, we get into whether the security was adequate. the strange series of events involving General Charles Flynn (the brother of Michael) on the 6th, and a general account of the military's behavior that day.

To help further illustrate the battle plan used by the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, James has graciously allowed me to use the graphs he's put together. First up is the Proud Boy's initial recon on Jan 6th:

James draws some interesting parallels between the battle plans of the Proud Boys/Oath Keepers and the ancient Greeks. Consider the Battle of Marathon:

Even more compelling are the similarities to the battle plan employed during the Battle of Leuctra:

Here's the initial Proud Boy assault against the most well fortified part of the Congress Building:

Here's the broader attack plan:

The next two images show the breech:

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