Cults, Special Operators, Cryptos, and Grifters w/ David Troy & Recluse


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John Birch Society, Council for National Policy, conspiritainment, Vatican intrigues, Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Legatus, TigerSwan, Blackwater, private military companies, private intelligence companies, Standing Rock, Iran-Contra, Robert LeFevre, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Thomas Schoenberger, Mighty I Am, Schlafly Eagle Forum, Michael Flynn, John Singlaub, January 6th, General Charles Flynn, Cambridge Analytica, SCL Group, The Octopus, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, Fourth Generation Warfare, Fifth Generation Warfare, QANon, Joint Special Operations Command, Pentagon/CIA rivalry, Stanley McChrystal, Charles de Gaule, 1961 French military revolt, OAS, Secret Army Organization, Occupy Wall Street, consenus reality, Discordianism

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