Episode 23-Paige Davidson The Fasting Paige Author and Successful Intermittent Faster Her Amazing Story.


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Paige Davidson has been on the weight-loss roller coaster for 40+ years. She has tried every commercial weight loss program there is, experiencing initial success and losing some weight with each, only to eventually quit and regain the weight she lost, plus more. Not even weight loss surgery was successful long term for Paige.

She discovered intermittent fasting and began practising it June 2019, has lost 110 pounds and is in maintenance. Paige is working on earning an Integrative Health Coach certification, she offers virtual professional IF coaching services for both groups and individuals (fastwithpaige.com) and has written a book in order to help others combine the foundational practice of intermittent fasting with other health practices in order to make the necessary mindset and lifestyle shifts to be able to successfully lose weight and maintain that loss long term.

An engaging chat with Paige as she takes us through the highs and lows of her amazing weight loss journey.


News My Book The Fasting Highway Will be Launched next week. We will have a bonus episode to go through what readers can expect.

The Fasting Highway and Podcast Facebook Group is now open discussing all things intermittent fasting.

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