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We have been following this week’s guest for over a decade & we’re so excited to have him on. His name is Isaac Morehouse, and his personal mission is to make people free (starting with himself). Freedom is not only a political concept, though that is a major part of it. It begins in the mind.

A mindset of freedom, ownership, and agency unshackles people from guilt, shame, fear, status-chasing, compliance, thoughtless following, and listlessness. That mindset is formed by experiences more than through ideas, though both matter. Most people have been conditioned into accepting an unfree world, starting with school and cementing itself in career.

So how is he living his mission? That is what we’re gonna talk about today—first, through Praxis. Praxis helps people escape the college debt and mindset trap and realize what they can do when they take charge instead of following norms.

Secondly, Crash. Crash grew out of that as an effort to reach a much larger audience with a much smaller piece of the freedom puzzle. If we can help people realize just a little bit of the power they have at that crucial moment when they are trying to find a job, we can increase the freedom in the world.

This episode is for anyone from the age of 12 to 80 and beyond. In other words, please listen & share this one because what we will talk about is unique, and we gotta get the word out on these topics now more than ever. Welcome to the show, Isaac Morehouse.


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