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We're joined for a second time today by our friend Judy Cho from Nutrition with Judy. If you haven't seen her on Instagram, she puts out some awesome, awesome infographics and other information. Judy is a nutritional therapy practitioner & has a psychology degree from the University of Cal Berkeley. She was a management consultant for over 12 years, advising corporate C suite level management on areas from successful project implementations to how to effectively streamline and change business processes. After traveling the world for her clients and constantly eating on the go, she noticed her health slowly began to decline, and she suffered from major postpartum depression and struggled with disordered eating after her first child, which ultimately brought her to holistic nutrition. After healing, she found her calling in nutritional therapy, and she's adamant about serving both her Austin and remote clients to be their best self marrying nutritional science with psychology. Judy's a contributing author for an Austin mom blogger, and her book, ‘The Carnivore Cure’ is due out on December 2nd. Welcome back to the show, Judy Cho!



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