Ep. 32 // Bonus - Girl, stop telling yourself that "it's" not for you!


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Hey Girl, welcome to a new episode of The Fearless Mujer. I'm so excited that you're here to share a virtual cup of cafecito with me. I wanted to give you a quick word of encouragement, because I feel like there's so many women that are not really understanding their true potential, or how capable and how equipped they truly are to actually step into what they've been called to do. I've had women ask me how did you know what your purpose was? How did you start podcasting? How did you start coaching? I think sometimes we see people doing things, but we don't always understand what's really happened behind the scenes.
When something is on your heart sometimes it's so big, right? It looks so scary, and you don't even know that you could actually do that or step into that. You know that you want to do and pursue something, but you're like how do I actually get from this point to the point where I'm actually doing it?
Sometimes we don't even know that we're standing in our own way. So I want to encourage you, because you may see people, podcasting, you may see them coaching, you may see them doing things and even writing books, right? And you tell yourself, that's not for me that's for them. I just want to tell you that you're believing a lie because those things are for you. Please Girl, stop telling yourself that that thing isn't for you. I love you girl, and I hope you know that I believe in you.
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