Ep. 41 // Bonus // Girl, stop giving your body away! What I learned after being with toxic men.


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Hey Girl, welcome to this bonus episode of The Fearless Mujer. I'm so happy that you're hanging out with me again. On this episode I want to talk to the Mujer who is searching for love in the wrong places. Yes Girl, I'm going there! It's time to go deeper and talk about the things that are hard. I love you and I love to talk about the feel good stuff and the empowering stuff, but I also have to talk about the hard things. So even though I am pretty vulnerable and we connect, I feel led to go even deeper! This podcast is all about being fearless, and that word is so symbolic for me! I used to be so afraid of what others thought about me and I waited for others to validate me. This episode is about you understanding who you are as a Mujer, because when you know yourself it doesn't matter what people think of you. In the same way, when you know who you are you do not need a man to validate you. When you know who you are, you won't go searching for love in the wrong places. So many women are searching for love and acceptance in toxic relationships. When you don't understand your identity, you search for wholeness in the wrong relationships. I'm not coming at you from of place of judgement. I'm speaking to you as someone who always felt like she needed to be in a relationship to feel worthy and accepted. This episode is about reminding you that you are worthy and have been created in such a special way.
Get ready Chica because it's getting real on this episode!
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