Hunter Biden's “Beautiful Things” and Smoked Parmesan Cheese!


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Jason Cousineau and Eric Fisk discuss Hunter Biden's interview on CBS Sunday Morning, especially the absurdity of some of his answers to softball questions. What would happen if any of us mere mortals and little people tossed a handgun in the trash and put it on the curb with the rest of the garbage? How do you not know what happened to your laptop? How stoned and drunk do you have to be to forget that you dropped it off at a local repair shop? How did Hunter Biden get a job at an energy company in Ukraine for 50 Thousand Dollars a month on his own merit? And could Hunter Biden, Chelsea Clinton, The Trump Kids, and all the other offspring of Elected Officials still be as wealthy and successful were it not for their parents' prestige and power? Show Notes and Links: The Fedora Chronicles products on Zazzle Support The Fedora Chronicles on Patreon: The Fedora Chronicles Twitter: The Fedora Chronicles Parler The Fedora Chronicles on Telegram

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