58: The power of clean eating, women’s health, positive energy, mindfulness and more with Manasa Rajan


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Holistic health and wellness coach Manasa Rajan experienced the magic of going vegan in her mid-twenties. It immensely benefitted her and her family’s wellness, and over the years has shaped her purpose in life.

Manasa's mission is to help people upgrade their food and take control of their health! And this means work within the food ecosystem to make clean, healthy alternatives easily accessible and the norm in the country.

In this conversation, we speak about the impact of switching to a plant based life beyond just food. The way it uplifts our energy and emotions, how it influences our way of thinking, and inspires us to help others.

We also discuss the need to prioritise women’s health, the great need to create positive change in the food eco system so everyone can access healthy food, the beautiful way the vegan and health food movement has been growing, and so much more.
Visit this episode's webpage to read about one of my earliest memories of Manasa, our parallel journeys, and also see the weight lifting photograph I mentioned on the episode: https://www.veganosaurus.com/manasa-rajan-episode-58

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