60: Story Telling, Future Love Notes and Day Dreaming with Yes Yes Marsha


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Marsha is hands down the most fun, interesting person I’ve interviewed on my show until now! As soon as you start listening to this conversation, you’ll feel the energy uplifting you. Our excitement and laughter throughout are both totally contagious, so make sure you’re somewhere where it’s okay for you to randomly burst out laughing.
The episode made me feel so good that I’ve listened to it multiple times. Yes, even after I had completed the editing and refining work and didn’t “need” to listen to it anymore! That’s how much I love it.
This woman is full of delightful stories and ideas! I can’t get enough of them. And I’m beyond excited for you all to get as hooked as I am to the wonderful world of Yes Yes Marsha.
Oh and if you’re a podcaster, you’d be lucky to have her as a guest. She created a secret web page just for my audience with all the links and resources she mentioned on the show. And what’s even more amazing is that she freaking noted down all our talking points and sent them across to me so I could easily copy/paste them below. How thoughtful is that?!
Here they are, the key topics we discussed in this episode:

  • Storytelling as time travel
  • Everything you need to know about how to tell good stories (in 5 mins)
  • How to edit your stories
  • Marsha's thoughts on manifestations and tarot (and how they can work, even for the skeptics)
  • Her philosophy on why it's important to get your hopes up
  • Her best ever life hack — writing letters to your future self

Episode web page with Marsha's secret web page link and additional information: https://www.veganosaurus.com/yes-yes-marsha-episode-60

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