5 Common Resume Mistakes That Lead to Recruiter Confusion


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There are SO many opinions out there on what you should and shouldn’t put on a resume that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the whole resume-writing process. In this episode, we’re discussing 5 resume mistakes that lead to recruiter confusion with Meghan Kaye, a recruiter at Brooklinen, and a woman who spends a lot of time looking at resumes and chatting with hiring managers about what they want to see in a candidate. Show Notes Weekly Newsletter Sign-Up: http://bit.ly/37hqtQW Follow Career Contessa: http://bit.ly/2TMH2QP Power Moves book: https://amzn.to/2X1EQWZ The 24-Hour Resume Makeover: http://bit.ly/2SSa69h How to Read a Job Posting Resource: http://bit.ly/2FqfTuO Expert Meghan Kaye’s LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/3pMW6ul


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