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Welcome to Series 2 Episode 2 of TFC Talks! So happy to have you here!
This week Hannah interviews Jennifer Corcoran from The Super Connector.
Jennifer Corcoran, known as the ultimate super-connector helps coaches, consultants and trainers to super boost their LinkedIn profiles and attract clients using her 4-stage PACT Framework.

Jennifer helps her clients to create a LinkedIn profile which truly represents them and a holistic approach to networking on LinkedIn. She takes them on a journey from being invisible and hiding on LinkedIn to helping them confidently toot their horn resulting in their ideal clients knocking on their door.

Jennifer and Hannah chat about how she niched down in business, how LinkedIn can really help you grow plus Jennifer shares her top tips based on her own journey and what she has learnt along the way!
Jennifer also launched a free 5 day LinkedIn Profile Visibility Challenge which you can access here
If you want help in sorting through your business overwhelm and moving from stuck to success then then check out TFC website at www.thefemalecreative.co.uk and book a free discovery call!
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