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Welcome to Series 2 Episode 1 of TFC Talks! So happy to have you here!
This week Hannah interviews Zoe Duckworth from Positive Orange VA.
Zoë is an endlessly optimistic, flame-haired 30-something, with a passion for organisation, social media, all things creative, and helping small businesses thrive.

She started her business, Positive Orange, in the middle of Lockdown 1.0, having realised that the rat race wasn't for her and that life was too short to not do the things you love. Being a Virtual Assistant and helping banish overwhelm for biz owners is what gives her the warm and fuzzies!

Since taking the plunge into the world of self employment, Positive Orange has sky-rocketed, and Zoë is now a 'biz bestie' making the day-to-day easier for small businesses and female founders all over the UK, as well as in the US and Kenya!

Zoe and Hannah chat about how she made the leap to grow her businesses, how a virtual assistant can help you grow your business plus Zoe shares her top tips based on her own journey and what she has learnt along the way!
If you want help in sorting through your business overwhelm and moving from stuck to success then then check out TFC website at www.thefemalecreative.co.uk and book a free discovery call!
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