330 w/ Antonio Garcia Martínez "Would Apple Hire Steve Jobs, Conservatives Hate Big Tech"


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W/ Antonio Garcia Martínez, Propritor @ "The Pull Request"

  • False Start
  • Driven to Drink
  • Cultural Valley ("Crazy Ones Need Not Apply")
  • Mission Protocols
  • The Full NYT Software Download
  • Section 230
  • The Devil in the Details
  • A Conservative War on Big Tech
  • Stormfront / SJW
  • An Uncertain Future
  • GOP 🥰 FDR
  • A Crypto First Economy
  • We Probably Can't Get Along?
  • Amazon vs. Google vs. Apple vs. Facebook
  • Nancy Pelosi: Project Manager?
  • Pull Request
  • Le Tech Blog
  • Rendered Absurd By Time
  • From Nokia to MSNBC to Google Wave...
  • "Will it Pass?" - Infrastructure Edition
  • "Will it Pass?" - George Floyd Edition
  • False Stop

Recorded: 9/22/21

Published: 9/24/21

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