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Oftentimes, there are people that are brought to you with glowing reviews.

You get this warm introduction from the beginning and so you know they're great.

Then there are people who you have no clue who they are…

But you start seeing and hearing about them more and more.

So much so that you can’t ignore the hype.

And even though I wasn’t seeking this guest in particular - I was looking for someone to help me with my high-ticket masterminds.

Well, it turns out the FaceBook gods decided it was time for us to meet.

I posted on my page that I was looking for someone to help me with my Mastermind and I started getting blasted by people telling me to talk to the same person.

Check this out:

She was the vice president of Clickfunnels for a year and a half.

She was the genius behind the One Funnel Away Challenge.

She is also a digital marketing expert and coach

Currently, she’s making her mark as the co-founder of several popular online business brands such as Create Your Laptop Life, Funnel Gorgeous, Digital Insiders, and more.Today, my special guest is Julie Stoian.

And Julie is going to show us how to sell and run high-ticket masterminds...

Like 30K, 40K, 50K high-ticket masterminds.

As always, this is going to be a killer episode that you don’t want to miss.

Julie is sharing a lot of gems, so don’t forget to pay close attention.

So sit back and enjoy the episode.

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