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The very talented writer, producer, director and actor Noel Clarke joins us as a very special guest for our 200th episode!

Noel starred in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet and Dr. Who before writing and staring in his breakout hit Kidulthood, He since set up his own production company, Unstoppable with Jason Maza and has made over 20 feature films and TV shows including the ‘Hood trilogy, 4321, The Anomaly and Bullet Proof of which the new series starts on Sky One on Jan 20th.

Noel had a lovely natter with Giles Alderson (The Dare) and Ian Sharp (Arthur & Merlin) in this week episode talking about, film-making, diversity & his career.

He talks learning to become a writer, how he became a producer and director out of necessity, how Kidulthood was made, diversity and discrimination in film-making and dealing with fame and success.

He also talks about how you have to fight as a film-maker, working with JJ Abrams on star trek and what he learned from working with him and other directors. How Bullet Proof got over the line and so much more.

Bullet Proof: South Africa is released on Sky TV Jan 20th 2021


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