The Writer's Journey with Christopher Vogler on screenwriting, filmmaking and the Heroes Journey


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This week Giles and fellow filmmaker, director and screenwriter Matthew Butler-Hart sit down and chat with Christopher Vogler, who has written the highly acclaimed book ‘The Writers Journey’, in which he talks all about the heroes journey and his twelve steps that he created to making story. We go into depth about mythology, where stories are born and emotional connections. We also touch on how the hero’s journey is sowed into our well-being.

We dive into his career at Disney and how he formed the idea behind the box office hit ’The Lion King’. Also, how he started writing coverage and developed memos of the hero’s journey. Lastly we talk about his knowledge behind power over writing and his collaborations with filmmaker Darren Aronofsky and actor Will Smith. Christopher gives some amazing tips and advice along the way, so do remember to get your hands on a copy of his book today.

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