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Listen to John Noonan discuss his coaching journey and expand upon the need for coach develop and mentorship.
John has a depth and breadth of experience many would desire (Everton FC, Huddersfield Giants, GB Park & Pipe Snowsport, Motor Racing) and is now developing the next generation of practitioners with his coaching mentorship programme
The Five W's Podcast

What Works for Who in What Context and Why

The podcast explores a biopsychosocial approach to athlete development, Each episode explores a unique perspective on the topic from the viewpoint of academia, athletes, coaches, practitioners, psychologists, researchers, S&C and sports scientists, and seeks to be relevant to anyone interested in athlete development.


(My current working definitions):

BioPsychoSocial: A recognition that athletic and sporting performance depends on the interaction of a large number of interconnected factors; Bio (Physical), Psycho (Psychological) and Social (Socio-Environmental) and the practitioners deliberate planning, implementation, practice and reflection of all three aspects combining to provide optimised individual learning opportunities for athletes and coaches.

Psychosocial: The understanding and appreciation of how psychological (e.g., pedagogical / andragogical strategies, motivation, coach-athlete relationship) and socio-environmental (session design, social interaction, leadership) factors underpin physical (bio) performance

This podcast is a form of knowledge exchange for my Doctoral studies which I am currently undertaking at Leeds Beckett University, so I do want to highlight their contribution to my skills, knowledge and experience as well as a HUGE thank to my supervisory team Professor Kevin Till and Dr Tom Mitchell, as well as all the other lecturers within the Carnegie School of Sport that have and continue to support me on my research-practitioner journey.
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