NFL's Forrest Gump? (Bill Curry Interview)


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This week I interview Bill Curry. He has lived an incredible "football life" as both a player and a coach. His life has even been referred to as the "Forrest Gump of the NFL" by some. For instance, he played for both Vince Lombardi, and Don Shula. If that's not enough, he was the center who snapped the ball to both Bart Starr, and then Johnny Unitas.

Bill played in the very first Super Bowl. He won a total of 4 NFL championships and Super Bowls. He played in the famous Super Bowl III "Broadway Joe" game. Bill was an early leader with the NFLPA. He was the head coach at Alabama. These are just a few of his "stops" on the Forrest Gump journey, but the number one thing he shares is how he learned about teamwork and how football shaped his views on racism.

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