The Battle Over Voting And Fair Elections


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The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Tuesday regarding Arizona election laws and if they violate Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act that prohibits discrimination against minorities in voting. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, argued before the Supreme Court yesterday regarding the case and he joined the Rundown to explain why Arizona is not discriminating against any voters. Democratic Strategist Mary Anne Marsh explains how legislation passed in the past few years has made it harder for people to vote including minorities and what needs to be done to fix it.

While often overlooked, women play a central role in many of the Bibles' stories. In her new book, "The Women of the Bible Speak: The Wisdom of 16 Women and their Lessons for Today", host of FOX News @Night, Shannon Bream examines some of the queens, warriors, and others female figures written about in Scripture and what we can learn from them. The "Livin' The Bream" podcast host also opens up about her own faith and why she loves talking about it with others.

Plus, commentary by Fox News Contributor and former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee.

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