Ian Somerhalder | The Best Celebrity Palate | 1942 Old Timbrook 5-Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon


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Over the years, Fred Minnick has tasted with hundreds of celebrities and notable humans. And while he's discovered many fine tasters, in this week's interview on The Fred Minnick Show, Ian Somerhalder jumps to the top spot on the list of Fred's "Best Celebrity Tasters." Ian breaks down whiskey like a pro, because, well, he is one.

The Vampire Diaries and LOST star talks about his latest project--Brother's Bond--and blind tastes a pair of stunning vintage bourbons. 1943 Glencoe Kentucky Straight Bourbon and 1942 Old Timbrook.

In the blind tasting, Glass A) Old Forester 1897. Glass B) Glencoe distilled in 1938, bottled in 1943. Glass C) Old Timbrook Distilled in 1937 and Bottled in 1942.

Other topics: Growing up in Louisiana, sustainability, Paul Wesley's projects, new films and more.

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