FVPC #138 One Year Ago Today - Looking Back & Looking Forward with Michelle Markwart Deveaux


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Where were you a year ago today? Where are you now? How are you preparing for what is to come? Michelle Markwart Deveaux joins us for a reflective look back on our lives and businesses and a hopeful look ahead to the possibilities that lie ahead. Michelle Markwart Deveaux is the CEO of FaithCultureKiss Studios and Founder of The Speakeasy Cooperative. When she’s not teaching singers, actors, podcasters, and influencers to use their voice to change the world, Michelle revels in the nitty-gritty of entrepreneurship, business shenanigans, and personal development. Put simply? She runs a company that shows people how to be who they are meant to be, so they can run the businesses they were born to run (while having a helluvalotta fun doing it.) She’s been featured on the likes of What Works with Tara McMullin, Rebel Therapist, The Women's Advocate, Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials, and here on the Full Voice. A frequent speaker and workshop leader, Michelle will next be presenting at the Vocology in Practice International Voice Conference. Find and follow Michelle: Www.faithculturekiss.com/speakeasy

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