Episode 126: Probiotics for the Immune System


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Short and sweet one for ya today, friends. This episode will serve as a living resource that gets right to the meat of answering the question, “Should you take probiotics for your immune system?” I break down probiotic misconceptions, how they work to affect our immune system and how to support your body when rebuilding a healthy gut microbiome. In this episode: -Why you shouldn’t wait until you’re feeling sick to work on your immune system [2:18] -The common misconception about probiotics [4:07] -Colonization resistance: what this is, what it does and why I relate this to the Great Woods parking lot [5:02] -How probiotics help to create an unfavorable environment for the growth of gut pathogens [7:20] -The connection between probiotics and Treg cells, and how this helps make our immune system efficient and healthy [8:12] -The probiotic I recommend for most people, and why [11:09] -The two most common questions I get about probiotics [13:55] -The three Ps to remember when rebuilding your gut microbiome [16:07] Resources mentioned in this episode: Bio-kult Boosted probiotic (enter code FUNK20 for 20% off!) https://www.bio-kult.com/bio-kult-boosted/p9 Organifi Immune support powder (enter code FUNK for 15% off!) https://www.organifi.com/FUNK Follow Erin on Insta https://www.instagram.com/the.funktional.nutritionist/

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