164 - The Art of Sales and Negotiation — with Chris Do


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If you were to order an expensive meal at a nice restaurant, but then asked if they could knock 50% off of the price, how would your waiter respond?

Probably not well. Of all the possible replies, the most likely one would be, “I’m sorry, we can’t do that.” Which is not surprising.

So then why do people in the creative business bend to such requests from clients?

In this fun Clubhouse talk, Chris helps people with their pricing and negotiation troubles by roleplaying scenarios with them. When do you push? When do you pull? And what do you listen for?

Following a pre-written sales script is easy, but when conversational curveballs are thrown at you, they fall apart. Hear how Chris approaches these delicate discussions and learn why being in the moment and listening is all you need.

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