175 - NFTs For Newbies — with Rich Cardona


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Rich Cardona is a retired Marine, podcaster, and NFT enthusiast. In fact, his podcast NFTs for Newbies, is one of the most popular shows on the subject.

In this fun and informative conversation Rich takes us into the budding world of NFTs. He explains what an NFT is, how they work, and helps make sense of the jargon associated with them—gas fees and all.

It is a fascinating new world, filled with both potential and problems. Rich shares his experience with both sides of that coin.

On the one hand, this powerful technology is relatively new and ripe with opportunity, beyond solely financial benefit. On the other, there is a massive energy cost that may have a size-able ecological impact.

According to Rich, it’s too early to tell if the hype is real or a fleeting trend that will devastate our planet. One thing he’s certain of though: NFTs aren’t going away.

Whatever your opinion on NFTs, give this conversation a listen and let Chris know (via Twitter) what you think of his idea. We won’t spoil it for you. You’ll just have to listen to the end of the episode.

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