Useful Apps for Creators That You’ve Never Heard Of


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Whether you’re an emerging creator, established TikToker, or you’re just hoping to scale an expanding side hustle, we could all use a little support. Thankfully, as the creator economy expands, so do businesses looking to elevate creators through focusing tools, monetization apps, and even hubs for influencer pay transparency. While they’re moving mountains for today’s creators, these incredible apps may not be tools you’ve ever heard of. So let’s change that.

In this episode, Charli and Miguel break down their favorite apps for creators that have largely gone unnoticed. From website hacks to social platforms for female and non-binary entrepreneurs, here’s everything you can utilize as a creator on the rise.

Key Takeaways

  • [00:49] - Have you heard?
    • [01:00] - The term “creator economy” has become commonly used only over the past year-and-a-half.
    • [02:40] - Twitter Circle is a feature similar to Instagram’s “close friends” feature. It allows you to add up to 150 people who can see your “private” tweets.
  • [07:04] - Today’s main topic: Apps for creators you’ve probably never heard of.
    • [07:22] - Coolors is a color palette generator perfect for creators looking to redesign their content without paying top dollar for a professional designer.
    • [09:17] - Sunroom is a safe and secure app designed to amplify women and non-binary people looking to monetize their businesses.
    • [11:56] - Ulysses is a fantastic app for long-form writing. The app helps you focus and arrange your thoughts.
    • [14:51] - FYPM shows you what other influencers are getting paid for similar campaigns with similar brands.
    • [19:22] - Ambients generates different “environment” noises to help creators focus.
    • [22:17] - Clashapp helps short-form video creators earn revenue directly from fans.
    • [27:51] - Forrest App incentivizes you to focus without distraction.
    • [30:42] - TinyPNG is a great app for anyone with a blog or website. It shrinks your website loading time by compressing images you add without affecting the image’s quality.
  • [32:29] - Today’s listener shoutout! Alejandro Castanon is an artist and advisor who recently filed his LLC and two separate DBAs for his art business.
  • [33:41] - A sneak peek at next week’s episode.


[11:40] - “At one stage, TikTok was the little unknown thing that a few people were starting to use, right? And we never know what is going to be the next TikTok. Maybe it could be Sunroom, who knows. Check it out, be an early adopter.” ~ @charliprangley

[14:30] - “When you’re doing something creative, how you feel when you’re doing it is so important.” ~ @miguelp.img

[17:46] - “You have this temptation to price yourself in a competitive way so then you’ll undersell what you do because of the fear of losing out on it and you figure, ‘hey at least getting paid for something is better than not getting paid at all’, and then you sort of talk yourself down on your asking price.” ~ @miguelp.img


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