Jonathon Porritt on Authentic Hope, Staying Grounded And Intergenerational Justice - E109


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How can we keep showing up as active citizens of change?

In this episode Amisha speaks with Jonathon Porritt, an eminent writer, broadcaster and campaigner on sustainable development. He was co-founder & director of Forum For The Future, UK’s leading sustainable development charity. Jonathon has been on the front line of environmental campaigning for more than 45 years. He’s been a member of the Green Party throughout that time, and has worked tirelessly to promote the solutions to today’s converging environmental crises.

Amisha and Jonathon talk about the deeper, often unseen, realities that are unfolding during this time in our lives. They reveal how we are circling around tipping points and how the changes of our planet due to global warming are growing a sense of urgency for us to become active citizens in shaping our future.

Jonathon believes that the solutions we need are already amongst us and that the energy we are investing in creating impactful climate change and social justice movements can be balanced by staying grounded. Together they share how Earth focused practices and a life lived in reciprocity with nature are essential in order for us to show up with authentic hope and not as ‘shiny optimists’.

We learn that authentic hope flourishes in a realistic and science based understanding of the nature of the world and our impact on it. They explore how we can draw authentic hope from the life of funghi to form ideas for our progressive movements, and how principles of psychology of change could be accelerated by technology in moving us towards a balancing of systems of powers. Their conversations guides us not to sweat perfectionism and to understand our spiritual insights as an even more powerful call to action from our heartlands than that presented by political ideologies.

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