Current and Future Trends of Conversational AI


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Hello and welcome to the 'Future is Spoken' produced by the digital assistant Academy. In Today's episode, Shyamala Prayaga speaks with Bret Kinsella about the Current and Future Trends of Conversational AI.

Bret is the founder, CEO, and research director of He was named commentator of the year by the Alexa Conference in 2019 and is widely cited in media and academic research as an authority on voice assistants and AI. He is also the host of the Voicebot Podcast and editor of the Voice Insider newsletter.

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Conversation Highlights:

[00:01:30]: Origin story of

[00:05:08]: How does conduct research? Who is the target users?

[00:11:02]: Voice as marketing, nitty-gritty and expectations

[00:16:18]: Why is there a rise in human-like synthetic voices?

[00:20:29]: Trends to make Voice AI accessible and inclusive

[00:27:49]: Voice prosthesis for people who cannot speak

[00:33:21]: How many assistants do we need?

[00:37:18]: Is arbitration the future?

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