Before the Rebellion, Comrades, Karanduun


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​Lowell and Rich bring on Mark Causey, community member and brilliant player. Show Notes: 00:01:26 - Rich's Games Played and his Spotlight - Before the Rebellion 00:18:15 - Mark's Games Played and their Spotlight - Comrades 00:30:54- Lowell's Games Played and his Spotlight - Karanduun: Make God Bleed Second Segment - 00:45:35 - Mark discusses romance in RPGs Giving Me Life 00:55:30 - Rich is binging all the video content on DCU before it goes away! 00:57:13 - Mark is digging a Vampire: the Masquerade visual novel or two 00:58:31 - Lowell is having fun editing the audio of his Star Trek Adventures Express sessions

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