Neon City Overdrive, Thirsty Sword Lesbians, Kingdom 2e


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Sherri and Lowell bring on Oli Jeffrey of Sinister Beard Games. Show Notes: 00:00:48 - Sherri's Games Played and her Spotlight - Neon City Overdrive 00:13:34 - Oli's Games Played and his Spotlight - Thirsty Sword Lesbians 00:25:30 - Lowell's Games Played and his Spotlight - Kingdom 2nd ed. Second Segment - 00:39:35 - Oli talks about Extreme Meatpunks Forever, the video game and the tabletop RPG coming to Kickstarter in June! check out Giving Me Life 00:53:28 - Sherri is playing Monster Hunter Rise and loving it so much! 00:54:47 - Oli is digging the Pitch Meetings videos on Screen Rant 00:56:40 - Lowell is enjoying Studson Studio, a maker's YouTube channel Studson Studio Screen Rant Pitch Meetings

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