Podcast Production, the Gauntlet Process


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Lowell and Rich chat about how Gauntlet network podcasts are produced, with tips for future guests, and real nitty-gritty process talk for folks who might want to edit a podcast on their own! Show Notes: 0:02:48 - Preparing to record your audio 0:11:38 - Next steps after recording 0:14:05 - The production process begins 0:15:46 - Compress Dynamics 1.2.6, a miraculous tool 0:17:59 - Noise Reduction, a lifesaver 0:19:26 - Cleaning your audio, a slow but necessary step 0:23:08 - Audio editing: listen, cut, move, and mark 0:30:31 - The Tom trick 0:31:36 - Reaction staggering 0:32:24 - Lowell's Q&A on some common production problems 0:38:27 - How to train your ear for audio production An article on the Audacity effect called Compress Dynamics 1.2.6 https://theaudacitytopodcast.com/chriss-dynamic-compressor-plugin-for-audacity/ Transom website Technique articles: https://transom.org/topics/techniques/

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