Episode 096 - Dr. Martin Persson aka "The Swedish Dirt Guy"


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The boys were joined this week by the one and only Swedish Dirt Guy...Dr. Martin Persson. Martin hails from Sweden where he attended the University of Gothenburg and earned an undergrad degree and PhD in Environmental Geology specializing in quick clays, GIS and landslides. He also has a hobby farm where he grows tilapia, veggies, and chickens. We learned that geophysics + hydrogeology + geology = geotechnical engineering and there are a ton of exciting opportunities for folks working in these disciplines. In fact, Martin talked about a career defining project that he is currently involved with that includes building a peninsula in a river in urban Gothenburg and construction of 100m tall buildings on 120 meters of soft clay. Beer is the unanimous drink of choice. PJ made it back (thank goodness) from his trip of a lifetime....BS forgot the coffee....DD wants a Tesla Bot and a Tesla so he'll never have to leave the house again...and the 5 dysfunctions of a team were mentioned. Music for this episode by Social Distortion!!!

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